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Recyclable Waste

RematHolding holds all the permits necessary for the activity of collecting and recycling non-ferrous waste and precious metals ( platinum, gold, silver, etc).


From Ferrous Waste to Paper

Ferrous Waste, Non-ferrous Material, Non-metallic Waste, Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste (EEEW), Batteries and Accumulators Waste, Hazardous Waste


Auto Dismantle and Auto Parts

RematHolding imports cars, purchases cars that are manufactured in the country and also damaged cars for insurance companies or directly from the owners.

Welcome to RematHolding

RematHolding Company is to achieve an integrated waste management, based on long-term partnerships.

RematHolding is founded, its main field of activity being the recycling of metallic and nonmetallic scrap. Processing ferrous waste in order to be recoverd is done through manual sorting, manual or mechanical cutting, using hydraulic shears, cutting using the Shredder type plant, baling.

Our Activity

We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

Collect and Recover Recyclable Waste
Processing ferrous waste in order to be recoverd is done through manual sorting, manual or mechanical cutting, using hydraulic shears, cutting using the Shredder type plant, baling.
Sale of Recycled Waste
Annually, RematHolding produces and reuses more than 250,000 tons of recycled ferrous materials. After processing, result the following categories of ferrous scrap, according to SR 60598 – 1/99
Auto Dismantle and Auto Parts
The Rematholding fleet has a designated area of 10.000 square meters and can be found at Berceni Fort Street, nr. 5, Sector 4, Bucharest and through the online store we can provide you with any auto parts you need
Batteries and Accumulators Waste
RematHolding collects and transports waste batteries and accumulators according to the standard regulation, sorted by category and stores waste batteries and accumulators safely, after which they undergo the treatment and recycle process with specialized equipment in order to recover the fraction results.
Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste
Large household appliances – freezers, refrigerators, washing machines, cookers. Small household appliances – vacuum cleaners, electric irons, toasters, grinders, coffee machines, hair dryers, etc…
Non-metallic Waste
After the sorting, baling, granulation, shredding and chopping process, we are able to obtain the following materials. Approximately 7,000 tonnes per year of plastic material.

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Mission & Hystory

We want to nationally implement an integral and transparent management with the help of our long term partnerships. We wish to maintain a transparent management system, in accordance with the current legislation and with de high ethical standards. 

Technologies and Equipment

Shredder Plant | Sandflow Plant | Eldan Plant | Dismantling TV 
and Monitors Plant | Non Metallic Waste Baling Plant | Plastics Processing Plant | Machinery, equipment 
and Auto Park

Collection Containers
Tons of Waste Recycled
Trees Saved Yearly

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