Andrei Sofian – Discover more about the BIR Young Traders Group from Committee members.



Andrei Sofian – Discover more about the BIR Young Traders Group from Committee members.

What was it like to attend your first BIR Convention?
I attended my first BIR Convention in Paris in 2014. I was surprised by the large number of epresentatives of different firms from around the world that was present there. Most of the time, I accompanied my father to his meetings in order to understand the importance of BIR conferences and exhibitions for the recycling organisations and for the professional staff. There are benefits for every attendee as the main purpose is to offer participants the possibility of engaging and interacting with each other.

Why did you join the BIR?
I joined BIR because I realised very early why this federation was so appreciated worldwide. First of all,
through its publications and thanks to the seminars during its conventions, BIR keeps its members up to date with the latest trends in the recycling market, with industry innovation/research, with environmental legislation, etc. Being informed will put me one step ahead of the competition and Rematholding will become stronger and stronger! In addition, the BIR events offer me a great opportunity to enlarge my network and to make valuable contacts in this domain, even on a global level. They have the great advantage of bringing together in one place all the actors in this field, namely traders, recyclers, consumers, national associations and so on. The face-to-face meetings can be very beneficial and facilitate negotiations and longterm collaborations on different projects.
In my opinion, building professional relationships is essential to developing our businesses and joining BIR has given me a feeling of security and trust.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Young Traders Group?
I took part in the Young Traders event at my first BIR Convention and from the very beginning I valued the chance to spend time with peers of my own age and young professionals, sharing experiences and expertise.
I have also joined the Plastics and Rubber Committee where inspirational presentations on key topics in this field broaden my horizons. Beyond the networking opportunities, being a member of the Young Traders Group helps me meet people in a more relaxed environment, have fun and make new friends.



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