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Contest with Prizes – Let’s learn in a green environment

You recycle, we reword you!
School year – 2013 – 2014

The contest “Let’s learn in a green environment” will take place in the school year 20013 – 2014 and is organized and carried out as in the past two years by SC REMATHOLDING Co SRL with the consent and support of the School Inspectorate of Bucharest. The contest will be held in Bucharest, within private and public school systems located in sectors 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 starting on September 16 2013 until June 13 2014.

The objectives of this campaign are as follow:
  • Raising awareness about environmental issues among student.
  • Develop a competitive spirit.
  • Implement and develop an active communication program and carrying out campaigns thought the schools.
  • Creating an organized system for collecting reusable waste.
  • Develop student’s civic spirit to protect nature.
  • Stimulating student’s interest for protecting the environment.
  • Waste reduction and elimination of pollution effects on the environment.
  • Identifying ways to improve the appearance of the court and surrounding areas of the schools.
  • Creating and maintaining a healthy climate, clean and pleasant in the school units
  • Concern students to support the effort of meeting the targets of collecting reusable waste assumed by Romania to the European Union.

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